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Alarga About


 Alarga is an adaptation of Emmaus that embraces physically challenged people. An Alarga weekend is called an Alarga Stroll.

Alarga follows the Emmaus Walk format very closely. The differences from the Emmaus Walk are:
1.         Both men and women are accepted for a Stroll
2.         The numbers of the talks are reduced from 15 to 12, combining some of the Talks.
3.         All the talks are reduced from 20 to 15 minutes' duration.
4.         There is a limit of 32 Pilgrims per Stroll.

These changes give the Pilgrims more time to get ready in the morning (showering, dressing etc.) and more rest time Friday and Saturday afternoons so that they will be able to receive all the Lord has for them during the evening activities. The weekend remains long, full and busy, starting at about 5.30 pm on Thursday and finishing on Sunday at about 5pm. The daily routine is also from about 6.00 or 6.30am till after 10.00pm, but there are rest breaks in between. Because of the changes Alarga should be seen as a different program and weekends given a separate Alarga Stroll number, rather than the next sequential Emmaus Walk number.

Other than these changes, the weekend remains the same as a Walk. The Pilgrims will experience all those special happenings just as you did on your Walk.

In the Conference room, the men share with men at their tables and likewise the women with women. If spouses come on the Stroll together, they do not share sleeping quarters. They can have time together during breaks and free time... and much time after the weekend to remember and share and share and share ....

Alarga is not offered as an alternative for married couples who do not wish to take their Walks separately. In some cases an application from a married couple will be considered but this is not to be used by persons who would normally qualify to attend an Emmaus Walk. Unfortunately, Alarga is not suitable for persons who are severely mentally challenged, or in need of frail care.

We need to see the physically challenged person as part of the Body of Christ and not separate from it. We all have varying degrees of ability and disability. We need to be able to integrate all people into our Christian Communities. Because of this, the Stroll usually consists of half physically challenged and half able-bodied people. The able bodied Pilgrims will, however, be informed about what an Alarga weekend is. They must have no reservations about spending it with physically challenged persons.

All potential pilgrims will be interviewed before being accepted for a Stroll. This is to determine if they will be able to cope with the weekend and if their needs can be met.

Alarga weekends are held in different parts of the country from time to time, hosted by a local Emmaus Community.  To see if there are any Alarga weekends planned over the next year or so, click here.

Alarga Team:

To be part of the Team, you do not have to be an expert wheelchair pusher or an experienced caregiver. God calls for a willing heart. If you want to serve on team, He will equip you to do your part. There will be the experienced nurses and caregivers on team to help you and to deal with medical needs and assist with the everyday necessities.

All portfolios are the same as for an Emmaus Walk i.e. Lay Director, ALD (there is a 4th ALD on a stroll) Spiritual Director, assistant Spiritual Director, Prayer Directors, Music team leader and team, Table leaders and assistant Table leaders, Support team leader and team

The extra Assistant Lay Director (called the Caregiver) takes care of the medical needs of the Pilgrims in the Conference Room.

The Support Team is more visible than on an Emmaus Walk, as they help with the physical needs of the pilgrims. For example ; help with personal needs like ablutions, or moving from one venue to another. There are a number of experienced caregivers in the Support Team to assist where and when necessary. The usual jobs of the Support Team still need to be met during the Stroll.

 Besides the usual team training for an Emmaus Walk, one additional training day is required for an Alarga team. This training is geared towards how to work with and deal with the needs of the Alarga Pilgrims.

Are you feeling a pull on the heartstrings, the excitement of the wonderful challenge in your spirit? Do you want to become involved in this ministry? Remember, even if you feel that hands on is not for you but you want to help, there is always the Support Team and the Prayer Team looking for committed members

If you are interested in being on team, firstly commit it to Prayer.  Then – take action!

(Based on an article by Ernie Nightingale, KwaZulu Natal Community, Emmaus South Africa)

Next Australian Alarga Stroll - click here

Information for Emmaus Community Boards:  Holding an Alarga Weekend

Kim McCarthy, National Alarga Coordinator

For information about holding an Alarga Stroll in Australia, or joining a team, please contact the national Alarga Coordinator, Kim McCarthy, by email to Alarga (at)  (Replace (at) with @).

Alarga Strolls should not use the Community's next Emmaus Walk number but a separate numbering system, which will be allocated by the Alarga Coordinator as a single Australia-wide series. Further details about the Alarga program can be found by clicking here.

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